Remembering Home

While travelling, I find it is always good to remember where you came from. You meet so many people from so many different places that it is inevitable that you change as a person with the influence of the varied languages and cultures you encounter. But at your core, is always going to be the place you come from. For me, that is Northern Ireland. A small country, which is part of the United Kingdom and on the same island as Ireland. It is a country of culture clash, with both British and Irish parts. A lot of the people I have met on my travels have asked about it, as many people either don’t know about my country or only know what they have heard in the news, which to be fair, is never good. So I decided to write an article highlighting some of my favourite places in Belfast, Northern Ireland’s capital city.

I have lived in Belfast for 5/6 years before travelling. It is a city I love and will passionately defend, even with it’s flawed politics. There are many great things about the city and the country in general, but I decided to pick just 5. If you would like to know more about Belfast, please read more below:

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