About Me

Alis Volat Propriis

Welcome to my very own travel blog. During my travels I have met some amazing people and worked in a variety of jobs: from working at a cinema where my co-workers where like family, to working very long hours on a vineyard for very little pay. I have seen stunning landscapes and driven on some extremely windy roads.

The title of my blog ‘alis volat propriis’ means ‘she will fly on her own wings’, which is something I have done and am still doing. I decided to take the leap into solo travel after many years of simply thinking about it and saving for it. And where better to begin my journey than in New Zealand? This land of kiwi’s (people, fruit and birds) is one of the friendliest, most laid-back and safest countries to travel in, especially for a female alone.

So this is me, a red-haired Northern Irish girl from a small sea-side town on the North Coast:

12141579_10152659469997706_5481002126086835917_nYes, that is me in front of a Hobbit hole. One thing you will learn about me, is that I am a geek. I love reading, with my favourite genres being science fiction and fantasy. I studied English and Film Studies at university, so films and books are something I love to talk about. Through university I gathered a great collection of anime films and manga. I am also a gamer, having been bought my first console jointly with my brother at a young age. being on the road means I can’t exactly play much at the minute, but it’s a passion I will return to when I get home again.

And for anyone who is really keen eyed, I am also wearing an Irish Roller Derby shirt in the picture. Roller Derby is another big passion of mine, and will no doubt come up in my posts. I started Roller Derby in 2014, with the Belfast City Rockets. Being away from my skates at the minute is very challenging and I try my best to find ways to be back on skates even while travelling, whether it’s to go ice-skating, or rent roller blades or even to contact a local derby team and see if I can join in.

So, once again, welcome to my travel blog, with a few extra things thrown in. I hope you enjoy reading and I will try and get posts up regularly.